Libraxo – Library Management System with Website

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Library management system where you can easily manage your library. It has a 25+ feature module and a 6+ report module. It’s a web-based application where you can easily add, edit, update books also you can be issued books easily. you can easily manage to be fined and payment system. At last, Using the all-powerful report module you can get all the information in your library. If you are looking for the best library management tool I hope this is best.

Easily configure your library

Manage Library Book Issue, Return, Fine And Payment

Multi Theme Support


Front Page



Book Details

Contact Page

Feature Module

  1. Dashboard (Income/Expense) Management
  2. Book Issue (Fine/Renew/Payment/Return) Management
  3. Member Management
  4. Ebook Management
  5. Book Management
  6. Book Barcode Management
  7. Rack Management
  8. Book Category Management
  9. Request Book Management
  10. Store Book Management
  11. Store Book Category Management
  12. Order Management
  13. Email/Notification Management
  14. Income Management
  15. Expense Management
  16. Rlie Management
  17. Email Template Management
  18. Permission Management
  19. Permissionlog Management
  20. Setting Management
  21. Email Setting Management
  22. Library Configure Management


Report Module

  1. Book Report
  2. Book Issue Report
  3. Member Report
  4. ID Card Report
  5. Transaction Report
  6. Book Barcode Report

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