Love what you do or Do what you Love.
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Falling in Love with Study

Know your core skills, Interest areas, career trajectory and improve with our analytics to get the best out of your life.

Engage with your Child

Unlock the brain of your child and become a part of your child’s career development proceess by helping the child to excel in the skills that he hones.

Talent Booster

A chance to become a factory of talent whose students posses extraordinary skills
and excel in diverse domains, receiving worldwide recognition.

All-Round Development

With increasing trends towards some specific career fields, the children these days are pushed in a never ending race to compete while they could have excelled in a different field altogether. That’s where Enroles come into picture.

Enroles enables students to practice physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual harmony with oneself and the surrounding and amassing the right resources to pave a way for a better and brighter future.


While AI is bringing radical changes in vastly different domains like medical , automobile, Structural design etc. , its true potential is yet to be discovered in field of education.

Enroles has begun to harness the true power of AI to change the education system.
Enroles is using a novel approach of integrating Artificial Intelligence with ancient Indian way of imparting education which focuses on an all-round development thereby combining the best of technology and education methodology to enhance skills, overall development and aligning parents and teachers with the student goals.

Admit & promote

Add 40+ student records with siblings and old school details. Promote with pass/fail/leave school.

Fees Collection

Complete Fee configuration including fees type, fees groups, fees discount, sibling discount, fees fine, due date, etc

Examination System

Examination management which include create, schedule, marks entry, grade and progress report.


Manage attendance in just few clicks, Get attendance report monthly, class-wise or section-wise.

HR Payroll

Manage staff salary, earnings, deductions, attendance and leaves.


Create and attach homework subject wise then evaluate homework for students.


Print student certificates, letters and student ID cards in most commanding way


Feature rich business Intelligence reports with beautiful chart & graph analysis in Fees

Make Your School SMART

Integrate AI powered School Management system in your school and become a leader in education industry. Get Started now:

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